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School Calendar

The Preschool in San Marco

Tentative Calendar for 2023-2024

Please note, this can change throughout the summer. A finalized version will be emailed out with the orientation paperwork in August.

  • August 21st:
    Meet Your Teacher 10am-12pm
  • August 22nd:
    First Day of School
  • September 4th:
    No School
  • October 16th:
    No School
  • October 27th:
    No School
  • October 31st:
    Trunk or Treat (Early Release – parents stay)
  • November 10th:
    No School
  • November 21st:
    Thanksgiving Program (Early Release – parents stay)
  • November 22nd – 24th:
    No School
  • December 21st:
    Christmas Program (Early Release – parents stay)
  • December 22nd – January 8th:
    No School
  • January 15th:
    No School
  • February 16th:
    No School
  • February 19th:
    No School
  • March 15th – 22nd:
    No School
  • March 27th:
    Easter Parade (Early Release – parents stay)
  • March 28th – April 1st:
    No School
  • May 22nd:
    Graduation Program (Early Release – parents stay); Summer Break